Hello Happy Mangoes!

First of all i would like to state two things:

1) You are not a mango

2) Neither am I

So all of you must be wondering why there is so much of mangoing going around. The blog and the title of this blog was conceived in a moment of randomness. That topic will be elaborated upon by another blogger blogging on the same Site whose name will be random1.

As all of you will know by the end of this post, my name is mango2. Together we will be randommango21!

*Lameness*, I know. But at least we are original.

So what will we post on this blog, you ask? Well, the answer to that lies in the fact that we will be posting about random things. Anything that catches our interest from mangoes to John Keats’ poetry to reviews about movies to yes, Harry Potter too.

So keep reading and Oh, by the way, Happy Mangoing!

– Mango2 🙂


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