Stupid Saturday!

Hey guys!

I’m the better half of my mango obsessed counterpart, a.k.a random1 !! 😛 xDImage

So basically, today is a really Stupid Saturday! After having successfully wasted my Thursday and Friday,  I’m on way to wiling away my Saturday too…. Its not fair to have a 5:2 day ratio to holidays! Teachers seem to think that these weekends are specifically designated to completing work as enormous as Burj Khalifa! Or maybe as huge as Mojo’s brain xP

I dunno if its just me or basic human psychology that we tend to postpone our work to the last minute and demand for more hours! Which leads to two important questions for you to answer!

Q1) Do you think we should have 5 days of weekend and 2 working days?

Q2) Should a day have more than 24 hours?

Pointless question, so it deserves an even more pointless answer! Tell us what you think!

Keep randomizing,

– Me! 😀

P.S – Check out the picture that SCREAMS out unfairness! *old age knight types* xD


One thought on “Stupid Saturday!

  1. Answer to 1st question, i think there should b a balance!
    N as for the second one, no if it was more than 24 hours there wud b more school time! AAh 😛 o.O

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