Annoying Abbreviations and The Rise and The Fall of The Apple Empire

So I was just strolling around Facebook today and I noticed that there are a lot of abbreviations being thrown around lately. It took me at least four moths to figure out that jk meant Just Kidding!

At First i seriously thought that jk was a reference to the witty, amazing, mango – loving, best – selling author, JK Rowling.

OK, I admit that I really don’t know if JK Rowling is a mango lover. But all nice people like mangoes don’t they? Unless they were allergic to mangoes and if their faces erupted into enormous pus filled boils every time they were in the vincity of any mangoes……..Now THAT would be just plain disturbing -_-

OK, Coming back to abbreviations, another one that is really annoying is the word LOL. It used in random situations. nowadays even if people find something that is even remotely laughable, their first comment would be – no surprises there! – LOL! Imean, really if you want to laugh out loud that bad, go for the auditions of the movie that’s going to be out soon — LOL. You might even get to act alongside Ashley Green and Miley Cyrus.

You can watch the trailer for that movie right here:

Speaking of LOLing, here’s a picture that is totally LOLable (pun intended):

Did you know that Apples are the sworn enemies of mangoes?

So your mission is:

To obliterate all apples from this earth so the mangoes can expand their mighty empire and a new chapter will be inserted into your History Textbook:

“The Rise and Fall of The Apple Empire and The Consequent Rise of The Mango Empire”.

I know, I know, The lameness is becoming unbearable, so you’ll just have to bear with us.

Happy Mangoing!

– Mango 2

P.S: Check Back in a Few days for my first book review! Wanna know the name of the book? Here’s A Hint: Anti-Matter.

Don’t worry, its not a geeky, science book. ;P Keep Guessing  😀

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