Angels and Demons — A Book Review

Hello Mangoes!

I know this is probably very late, BUT, to my defense, I’ve had a super-busy week but it was awesomely fun tooo. I am just so glad that the weekend has FINALLY (emphasis on the finally) Started. Without further ado, here’s the book review that I promised:

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons is basically a mystery – thriller novel. All the elements that readers generally associate with mystery thrillers are incorporated in the book albeit with a twist. The plot follows Harvard Professor Robert Langdon in a race against time, trying to stop an ancient brotherhood from destroying one of the world’s largest religious institutions, The Vatican City. The villain also threatens to kill four important cardinals in the process. The story follows a treasure hunt pattern with its 24-hour time frame and its famous setting, The Vatican City. The book is heavily dependent on the setting, using many of its famous churches and landmarks as a trail which Langdon and Vittoria have to follow in order to find the villain (or in this case, the assassin). The incorporation of several elements like architecture and symbolism in the book add to the interest and originality of the plot. The story also depicts the ongoing war between religion and science. The plot is fast-paced, exciting and definitely a page-turner, which is presumably what the author wished to achieve. What the author failed to achieve, in my opinion, is present his arguments on the technology and the conflict between religion and science in a suitable manner, thereby leaving the reader quite confused as to which side he was supporting all along. Some may argue that he has depicted both sides of the coin, but in my opinion, the conclusion on the arguments is quite vague and would have been better if he just picked one side. All in all, though the conclusion may not satisfy all the readers, it is an exceptionally good read and it is very hard to put the book down once you’re on to it. I would recommend this book to all those who love books filled with mystery and action.

Now You review my book review.

Hope you liked it!!

Have a Mango-licious Weekend!

– Mango2

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