A Love Letter…

Firstly, my humble apologies for my absence this week but as far as I see it – the loss was mutual ;P

But how in the world am I supposed to juggle a boyfriend, soo many best friends, activities and homework?! Plus we are learning how to write letters in English, and I presume my teacher believes we will use ‘the time machine’ to go back and actually USE any of this! My weekends are about as busy as the weekdays are, with the only difference being that the former gives us more sleeping liberty 😛 

Yes, I know…you were busy too! But you checked our blog anyways. So thank you ❤ 😉

So coming to the subject of this article – Love ❤ Ooooooooh lets get all dreamy now…

I am NOT going to offer any sort of love advice here, nor discuss any lovey-dovey books or movies – but offer my point of view on a very common teenage problem – When the hell do we know its love?!

But my question is – How can you possibly fall in love with someone you BARELY even know?! Yea of course, you’ve been chatting with ‘the one’ since a few months, you may have met ’em once or twice, you speak a lot and voila – its love?! How can you even decide by talking to one in a crowd of a million that he/she is ‘the one’? 

There’s just one advantage for your real ‘the one’, he/she can sit and read our blogs and curse you! 😛

Even if it is ‘true love’, how does it keep happening again and again? And again. And again. Either the first one was a time pass or the second will be! Its like that over exaggerated Durjoy Datta’s book ‘Of course I love you…..TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER’ The worst part is how you already sit and fantasize and design your whole future..most of the time to find it shattered! 

Its getting pathetic with each passing day, and now there are 4 sorts of people :

1) Those in a REAL relationship

2) Those in it for popularity, fame, tp or simply because they think it’s real?

3) Those who were earlier in the second category and now moved to the first one

4) Those whose lives are pretty much like Mango2 and don’t care about anything save being lame! 😛

If this continues to be the condition, then I’m preeetty sure that our children are going to legalize two timing in the books of morality!

But who am I to speak? For all you know, I maybe one of you…. 😉

So the question here is – Who are you?

Until next time, Au revoir my blogmates ^_^

Keep falling in love ❤ 

~ Random1 😀 

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