On Trollfaces and the Bigheadedness of Random1

So I was strolling through Facebook – AGAIN – and I found truckloads of trollfaces everywhere. But, I have to admit that they are absolutely mango-larious (No, I am not about to get over my mongo obsession anytime soon. So don’t get your hopes up. Mango-larious, by the way, is the mango lingo for hilarious.). Here’s one that cracked me up so bad, that I broke!:

Its kind of true too.

Now, coming to the Bigheadedness of Random1, I was just talking to Shim (Its sort of an abbreviation for She/Him/Her/He, so you guys have absolutely no idea who we are…*evil laugh*), and shim said:

Boo Yah, I Got more views when I posted on this blog! TAAF!

And I said:

FAAT. ( Reverse of Taaf, I learned this trick from a friend of mine>)

And her previous post was really lame, but i did thank her tremendously for giving me my own category, so i can lounge freely there…..

Have a Cozy Caturday!

( As an explanation for the above picture, I am beginning to get obsessed with cats too! I know, I’m Crazy!)

– Mango2

P.S: Did You know, that the oranges have allied with the apples?! o_0

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