Top 5 Reasons For Writing a Blog – An Improvised Sequel to Mango 2

This isn’t related to my topic, but an answer to those who do NOT understand why we are called random ‘Mangoes’ if our photos have ORANGES in them 😛 

But they are funny, so we are excused 😛 xD

So my reasons for writing this blog are pretty much ordinary reasons, any girl next door could relate to starting a blog and writing as frequently as they can (which is not so much! 😛 ) and about extremely random stuff that most people find lame! With a capital L. But it’s pretty normal, isn’t it? 

So just like any other supper boring exam answer, the reasons I lovee writing this blog are given below :

#1 – Mango2 will suck my blood like a vampire from Twilight if I don’t write!

#2 – If I hone my writing skills now, only then will I go on to become some super famous journalist or author!

#3 – It’s an anonymous outlet for me to vent out my awesome lameness, since nobody can throw tomatoes (or mangoes, for that matter!) at me here!

#4 – I guess if you bother leaving a comment after you’re done reading this we can share a lot of cool stuff!

#5 – I’m bored sometimes 😛

Well the last line shouldn’t apply now, since my exams are on but it does, so yea! 😛 I guess I should go study now if I at least want to get some marks! Is that your condition as well? Study well in 10th they said……11th will be fun they said.



Listingly overworked

Random 1 ! ^_^ ❤

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