Hungry for the Hunger Games

I Just finished the entire Hunger Games Book series and i felt compelled to appreciate the book. I dont know what to say about the books….they don’t have the normal feel of any book I read ever in my life. I dont think that ANY book can be comparable, not because its extraordinarily good, but because it places itself in a whole new category. It captures a sense of truth which seriously, astonished me. Katniss, in the last book of the series, is so troubled mentally, so disturbed, that it is without a doubt, scary. Most people  associate the word “scary” with ghosts, ghouls and alike but this word is particularly  applicable to Katniss’s mental state.

To beleive That a single person can go through so much, and still maintain a level of sanity, seriously stumps me. I tend to delve into my books, get into the world, feel what they are feeling, and trying to imagine Katniss, it’s hard. And that’s an understatement.

But all of that aside, The series is a refreshing break from whats on the market these days……Look out for the books, you’ll not be disappointed.

And the following picture, describes my life. It explains my life in great detail if you replace Hunger Games with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Inheritance Cycle.

And what did the apple say to the orange?

Nothing! Apples can’t talk! 😛

But Mangoes do.

So what did the Mango say to the Orange?


Keep Mangoing! 😀




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