The title of this post is temporarily unavailable.

Summer vacations bring with them a cocktail of minute you’re excited that you won’t have to work out different ways to sleep in class, the next you’re bored to the core of your very being!

The mood swings almost make me feel like I’m a victim of puberty all over again! Annoying, isn’t it? x_x

Just in case you’re wondering why I didn’t bother naming this post, it’s because I’m just tooo lazy to think up a title! What should I call it? ‘The Aftereffects Of Boredom’ ? Or maybe ‘Confessions of a Clueless Blogger’ ? Hmm….that isn’t half bad is it? šŸ˜›

I swept around my entire house like a crazzyy OCD victim, did a bit of my holiday homework (I know, its terrible!!) and hogged the landline all to myself for more than an hour! I still feel like a perfect transcription of Mango2’s post – A Rock. šŸ˜

Sooooooooo bored!!! If you’re reading this, do be kind enough to leave a comment..or I shall curse you to the fiery pit of Hades!!! *evil laugh* B)


~Random1 šŸ™‚ šŸ˜›

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