Born out of Boredom.

Hello Happy Harpies!

How are you all doing? Ok straight to the point: I am BORED.


Very, Very BORED.

So to fight this very much annoying boredom, I came up with a plan. It is to indulge in a bit of creativity everyday. If you think that this crazy plan is crazy and is born out of boredom, you are 100% right

I plan to either draw/paint or read or write something every single day, starting today for three entire weeks, that is from today till the 28th of july.

I want all of you reading this blog to do the same as well. Why you ask? Because you obviously don’t have anything beeter to do or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. 😛

So today my agenda is to paint something. You can indulge in creativity in your own way, by creating some music, listening to music, even watching movies! Great isn’t it? Of course it is!

So I am plunging headfirst into this insane plan of mine now, by watching Titanic! (yes, go on, let out a biiiig sigh)

Crack Up time!

I love this, its so Apple 😀

Comment your thoughts! 

Keep getting bored!

Happy harpying!

-Mango2 🙂

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