Bits and Pieces ………

As Mango2 rightfully pointed out in one of her earlier posts (check below for further reference), I’m definitely not the girl I was 4 years back. Innocence – Thrown outta the window, Lies – Told quite frequently, Friends – Too many to count on fingers but verryy few to actually count on….and Love, Loyalty, Trust, Sincerity – Huh?!

I’ve learned the hard way that trust is the foundation of every relationship…once that’s gone, its hard to be what you once were or aspired to be. I’ve unfortunately broken others trust and as a sort of tit for tat – have had mine smashed to bits and pieces recently….

It changes everything, when you don’t know what to believe anymore… When you have no idea of what’s real and not real.. You can relate to how Peeta feels in Mockingjay (For Hunger Games fans only x) )

But there is a difference of course.Β 

This, is definitely not applicable πŸ˜›

We all just need to understand that it hurts most when someone close to us is the offender. Instead of focusing on the violation, if we just look at the fact that they are close to us and the reality that we want to keep them there….forgiving gets easier. It always feels better when you put that gigantic school bag of yours down na? Same difference πŸ™‚

Its not always butter and sugar… need to learn to deal with the toast in life as well! (Get it? ‘Cause toast is harder!! :D) Ya I know, its lame…but that’s the point!

Random1 πŸ™‚ ❀

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