A Big Break!

Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.
Joe Paterno


People know me and Mango2 as the two lamest people on this Earth….so we decided to make a cocktail of our writing skills and lame sense of humor to make our big break into this VAAAST blogging world!

So far, all we have managed to break our the illusions that we’re destined to be great….:P


Screw you Lady Gaga! And you Selena Gomez! And every other imbecile who has walked this Earth and preached that its awesome to be me! Well you said that AFTER you got your money, or looks, or fame, or whatever it is that makes you tick! 

It took me over 15 minutes to decide what to post, and then after wracking my brains over what to write, took me another few minutes to realize that I’ll probably get 1 view if I’m lucky!

Life – Why you be so cruel?!

Its been whocareshowmany months since we’ve been advocating this blog’s greatness and our ‘friends’ have been humoring us…..

And in turn they are becoming great ‘cos they think they’re doing noble deeds!

Urrrrrrgh! Seems like EVERYONE but me is becoming great all of a sudden -_-


This, is what the quote above should have been 😛


A very dejected

– Random1 



P.S ~ Should you feel the need to do a noble act and be great, kindly read our blog 😉

2 thoughts on “A Big Break!

  1. Hey there! Keep writing and working hard at your blog and greatness will come. First of all, however, make YOURSELF happy with your blog. If you love it, everyone else will follow your lead. Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier today – it’s always so nice to hear from fellow bloggers!

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