What Were They Thinking?!

I have a strong feeling that the ‘masterminds’ behind the ‘brilliant’ ads that we witness nowadays truly think they are masterminds. I couldn’t agree more!

I mean, it would take a true genius to dream up something so vivid and unrealistically lame, they are sheer brainiacs!

Please do not ignore the sarcasm dripping from each and every word!

Fair and Lovely, and all those other creams as a matter of fact that claim to grant instant fair beauty. As if my life was in pieces while I was of a darker tone! Also, the FACE creams magically affect the whole BODY…

I suppose even Harry Potter isn’t that magical!


For those who are unaware of this hocus pocus called ‘paanmasaala’, its a combination of tobacco with many other mouth freshening ingredients…

The silliest part is that right below this ad, in the tiniest of fonts will be written – Statutory warning – Consumption could lead to various diseases.


And then of course, the AXE and other such perfume/deo adverts…

The only thing stupider than that is probably a perfect boyfriend ;P

Why in hell would anybody run towards a person doused in scent?! Whatever they may claim, its a fact that the smell won’t last more than 30 minutes, at most!

I know of a case where a boyfriend became a small imitation of an axe factory and went on a date. The poor girl turned out to be a victim of nausea, and hence instead of running for a hug (as he no doubt expected), she ran around looking for a place to puke! Some date huh?


My humble request to all those ‘brilliant’ people would be..


Get treated for horse sense or worse, yeah?


Yours bad ad-dingly 😛

Random1 🙂

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