Adalia – The noble :)

For those of you who winced away looking at this, felt extremely sorry and were reduced to tears, cursed God for such cruelty, or even just wondered if this was another Facebook hoax…

I’m with you on all these fronts! I did a little more research and unearthed that this poor plighted little girl is named Adalia Rose, and is merely 5 years of age…

She, and quite a few other kids are unfortunate victims of a terrible disease called Progeria. It cannot be detected until the child is 10 – 24 months old where rapid signs of aging start popping up. The poor souls become thin, lose clods of hair and their face elongates abnormally!

If you’re abashed, then brace yourself, ‘cos this isn’t the worst!

Around July 15th, a page was made on Facebook saying ‘Stop the aliens’ and pictures mocking her were put up of this poor little child by insolent ‘people’…

and many more which I don’t have the heart to put up…..

A death rumor was also spread which was fortunately quickly dispelled by Adalia’s mom on her facebook page. It’s truly disheartening to note that people could be so cruel to a child who will probably not even live to see her early 20’s, and instead of reaching out a hand to help, they reach out a hand to shove and mock!

I don’t know how much of a condolence it offers her parents, but if a simple like to her page shows that there are people who care, I wouldn’t hesitate too much, since I’m one of those people whose heart is about as hard as jelly!


If you were previously aware about her condition, do spread the word and join in the prayers that she AND everyone else plagues with this disease live a happy and as long a life as they can…. 🙂


A thoroughly moved,

Random1 🙂

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