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In a broad classification ( actually mostly based on my novice observations), bloggers are mostly of two types : Those who effortlessly manage to convey even the simplest of topics in a ‘Freshly Pressed’ way and those who struggle for hours or days to write something in a ‘Freshly Pressed’ way. Sometimes, people manage to create great masterpieces, but just don’t find an appropriate title for it.

Blog-Post-TitlesIf a post is good, you need it to be titled just as good, maybe even better! If you get good titles, it means you have a basis to write on, which obviously makes everything easier! I don’t claim to be a genius on this front by any means, but I could try to offer a little help to make the blogging time of your lives a little simpler!

#1 Don’t Rush – That is the main point of this whole post! Once you hastily decide to baptize your piece with a less than proper title, it could well be wasting the time, hard work, and sometimes even sweat that you put into that beautifully crafted masterpiece!

#2 Ask a Question – When you ask a question those who read it are wired to respond, or at least see what the response is! It automatically creates an interest to see what the blogger’s take is on that particular topic and will hopefully generate comments! 😉

#3 Personalize Titles – While blogging your writing is targeted towards hundreds, and to the fortunate ones probably thousands of readers! If your title is something that appeals to the need of the person, and can be related to it will also pave your way into search engines!

#4 Power Words – Beware. Use of power words could either trigger an eagerness to read the post of skeptical thinking that it is another usual post! Some words can evoke a powerful response in readers, like ‘Free‘ (In a world where prices are skyrocketing, there are hardly a few aliens left who wouldn’t grope at a chance for free stuff), ‘Easy‘ (We all like easy don’t we? Also quick? Or better still, easy AND quick!), ‘Discover’  (Everyone thinks that they’re born to do something great, so why not give them their definite reason?) Stunning, Secrets,  etc….

#5 Humor Titles – Whether your spelling includes a ‘u’ in humor or not, a title that tickles the funny bone ( which is actually a nerve, by the way!) is sure to attract that much wanted attention!


Assumingly helpful,

Random1 🙂

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