On Being An Optimist

Work pressure, School pressure, Family pressure, Cooker pressure – I mean, pressure cooker! Modernized life was envisaged as a stress free, push button easy dream come true. But if you ask the common man how he is enjoying his life, your answer would mostly come in the form of an abuse or red mark or extremely dark circle on your face!

With great power, comes great responsibility ,

said Spider Man. Or his uncle. Doesn’t really matter. A little modification to the quote would be an appropriate laugh at our condition today

With great technology, come greater gray streaks

Among all the towers and metal that engulf our surroundings, happiness, values, beauty among others have seem to be flung out of the window. Whether intentionally or otherwise, it still makes us miss experiences that our ancestors had to enjoy.

But there is always a silver lining in a cloud, and if there isn’t – we could always make one! On the ride to school, for instance – how many of us ever notice the tiny, almost insignificant parks trying to add a dash of colour to its bleak surroundings? The ladies walking in traditional clothes with ridiculously contrasting canvas shoes, huffing like baby hippos in a desperate bid to evade that jingling fat. How many of us notice the blatant display of one’s wardrobe in the balconies of those majestic high rise towers, despite the penalty enforced by law? The hilarious running around of someone who’s gadget battery is breathing its last?

We have been hardwired to notice the earthshaking quarrels cause on the procurement of the dreaded bills , but don’t feel the sweetness of the make up later. I know I’m speaking in a sharp contrast to my last post, where in layman terms I called my life a shithole. But I like to think of it as a bad phase, and the fact that I’m standing here now shows that you can too.

Life gives you a million reasons to cry, you give a billion reasons for those million to die. It’s what makes life worth moving on. You could choose to let the fates mess around, or be the author yourself. The world today demands a price for every comfort, but its up to you if you let it manipulate you or control it yourself. Being optimistic is definitely one of those things that’s easier said than done, but if you can see the bright side of things even days or years after they’ve occurred, you’re getting somewhere.

We can only hope to gradually be called the ‘Optimistic’ century. Hopefully not the ‘Desperate to find gold in the dump’ one 😛

– Random 1 🙂


P.S ~ A little something to cheer up those drab days!

5 thoughts on “On Being An Optimist

  1. Love it! Sometimes it’s hard to be that optimist, especially given the increasing stress of our daily lives. I recall reading recently an article comparing the Jetson’s predicted future to the modern day. We were supposed to have robots doing all the work for us, three-day work weeks, and flying cars. So far, I haven’t seen much of that.

  2. Great post, and I loved the pictures. I especially like what you said about if you see the past on the bright side, you’re making progress. I think it starts like that, realizing that those so-called dark moments of the past eventually turned around and brought you to today. Makes it easier to realize that today also has it’s bright side.

    • Thank you soo much! 🙂
      It’s all about not making the same mistakes again..right? If we realize that it isn’t all doom and gloom when we thought it was before, we’ll obviously apply the same to our present!

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