Dear Mr. Heart….

Dear Mr. Heart,

As already specified in our previous correspondence, I would please like to request you to not poke your non existent nose in my matters, however intriguing, satirical, funny, ironical you may find them. They are simply not yours to take charge and meddle with. If you need any information whatsoever regarding how to go about this, I suggest you sit down and have a nice chat over tea and scones with your other, and better half, Mrs.Brain.

Take Mrs. Brain, always logical, cool, calm and collected, the perfect example of how someone, or rather some-organ, should function! She always answers only upon my asking, unlike you, and gives me the most practical and reasonable solutions. You, on the other hand, try to trick me, give me multiple answers, and more often than not, put me in more a puddle than before. Thanks to you, my good sir, I have ended up taking weird and stupid decisions. Take my advice, and stop trying to think. As Artemis Fowl II once said, “The heart is an organ for pumping blood. It can no more think than and apple can tap-dance.” 

I hope, through this letter, I have made it very clear that I share Mr. Fowl’s views and i strongly advice you to mind your own business.

Yours Exasperated-ly,



P.S.: Do stop trying to influence Mrs.Brain ok?!


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