On Ants saving Ants.

A couple of weeks back, I came to India. Naturally, it was still a massive breeding ground for every insect imaginable. An due to my inexplicable fear of all creepy-crawlies, I go on attempting murder on every tiny organism I see.

So this other day, I found an awful number of ants in my room. I decided to leave them be as they didn’t start attacking me yet. But then after they started eyeing my granola bars, I got mad. So I went and stamped one. Simply.

And a little while later, I saw a tiny ant, about ten times smaller than the one I stamped, carrying the stamped ant and taking it away. I learned two things that day:

A. That ants are very nice.

B. We should not kill ants.

That sounds expressively lame , maybe expressively so, but the ants that day expressed a sentiment that is practically non-existent in most of the humans today: sympathy.

If a human was there on the road, having just suffered an accident, every single person within a 5 km radius of that area will congregate at the scene of accident and watch. Just watch. Only one in a million will come up and step forward to help. It’s a stone throw away from cannibalism.

Kind of makes you wish you were an ant, doesn’t it?

Sympathetically yours,




The Life and Times of A Clustered ‘Vacation’

7 a.m waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go downstairs

Gotta have my bowl gotta have cereal


The list goes on and on and after an exhausting couple of months, at long last! –


Its Summer Vacation, Vacaation,

We’re gonna have a blast now!

Everybody’s looking forward to free time, and ME time!


I know, I’ll make a VERY bad composer, but that’s basically the idea I had in mind when I got away from the hustle of Dubai and was surrounded by the familiar and loving faces of my relatives…Aah, its going to be all pampering and Oh!  look how think you’ve become and basically luxury for the next 2 months I’m here!

This, is the life. 🙂

I was very rudely awakened out of my dream though, when the very next morning I realized that with 11 people cramped together in a 1 bedroom house, how are we supposed to find any peace?! The place basically turns into a war zone every hour or two with somebody arguing about having birthrights to use the loo first, or ready to kill over the last cupcake and GET OUT before I shoot you down for the remote! Missing pants, exchange of ‘personal’ stuff (which is the most embarrassing part!), you begin to wonder if there used to be something known as ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’ in this world… Privacy? We were in a serious relationship, then he got ignored and exploited so much that he left me…

But then again, you can’t exactly be overly rude – or else

family reunion jokes


My dream vacation, all literally crushed and pushed down the drain….

But when you come to think of it, these vacations are usually the highlights of the year. I’m not going to get all sentimental now, but at the end of the day when everybody is exhausted from all the tantrums and hair pulling (And I mean that literally), what it all boils down to is the laughter on a silly joke, someone’s leg pulled, the desperate try to give equal shares to everyone and the fact that we find comfort in each others company 🙂

Somewhere in all these years I’ve learnt that in our day to day life, more often then not we don’t have a second to give someone whom we may want to give an eternity. So even if it involves a little noise and petty arguments, I’m going to cherish and miss every moment spent here with all of my family!

It definitely isn’t my idea of a dream vacation, but its much better than anything I could have dreamed up! 🙂


A claustrophobic,

~Random1 🙂

P.S – Happy Friendship Day Guys! 🙂


Adalia – The noble :)

For those of you who winced away looking at this, felt extremely sorry and were reduced to tears, cursed God for such cruelty, or even just wondered if this was another Facebook hoax…

I’m with you on all these fronts! I did a little more research and unearthed that this poor plighted little girl is named Adalia Rose, and is merely 5 years of age…

She, and quite a few other kids are unfortunate victims of a terrible disease called Progeria. It cannot be detected until the child is 10 – 24 months old where rapid signs of aging start popping up. The poor souls become thin, lose clods of hair and their face elongates abnormally!

If you’re abashed, then brace yourself, ‘cos this isn’t the worst!

Around July 15th, a page was made on Facebook saying ‘Stop the aliens’ and pictures mocking her were put up of this poor little child by insolent ‘people’…

and many more which I don’t have the heart to put up…..

A death rumor was also spread which was fortunately quickly dispelled by Adalia’s mom on her facebook page. It’s truly disheartening to note that people could be so cruel to a child who will probably not even live to see her early 20’s, and instead of reaching out a hand to help, they reach out a hand to shove and mock!

I don’t know how much of a condolence it offers her parents, but if a simple like to her page shows that there are people who care, I wouldn’t hesitate too much, since I’m one of those people whose heart is about as hard as jelly!


If you were previously aware about her condition, do spread the word and join in the prayers that she AND everyone else plagues with this disease live a happy and as long a life as they can…. 🙂


A thoroughly moved,

Random1 🙂

What Were They Thinking?!

I have a strong feeling that the ‘masterminds’ behind the ‘brilliant’ ads that we witness nowadays truly think they are masterminds. I couldn’t agree more!

I mean, it would take a true genius to dream up something so vivid and unrealistically lame, they are sheer brainiacs!

Please do not ignore the sarcasm dripping from each and every word!

Fair and Lovely, and all those other creams as a matter of fact that claim to grant instant fair beauty. As if my life was in pieces while I was of a darker tone! Also, the FACE creams magically affect the whole BODY…

I suppose even Harry Potter isn’t that magical!


For those who are unaware of this hocus pocus called ‘paanmasaala’, its a combination of tobacco with many other mouth freshening ingredients…

The silliest part is that right below this ad, in the tiniest of fonts will be written – Statutory warning – Consumption could lead to various diseases.


And then of course, the AXE and other such perfume/deo adverts…

The only thing stupider than that is probably a perfect boyfriend ;P

Why in hell would anybody run towards a person doused in scent?! Whatever they may claim, its a fact that the smell won’t last more than 30 minutes, at most!

I know of a case where a boyfriend became a small imitation of an axe factory and went on a date. The poor girl turned out to be a victim of nausea, and hence instead of running for a hug (as he no doubt expected), she ran around looking for a place to puke! Some date huh?


My humble request to all those ‘brilliant’ people would be..


Get treated for horse sense or worse, yeah?


Yours bad ad-dingly 😛

Random1 🙂

A Big Break!

Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.
Joe Paterno


People know me and Mango2 as the two lamest people on this Earth….so we decided to make a cocktail of our writing skills and lame sense of humor to make our big break into this VAAAST blogging world!

So far, all we have managed to break our the illusions that we’re destined to be great….:P


Screw you Lady Gaga! And you Selena Gomez! And every other imbecile who has walked this Earth and preached that its awesome to be me! Well you said that AFTER you got your money, or looks, or fame, or whatever it is that makes you tick! 

It took me over 15 minutes to decide what to post, and then after wracking my brains over what to write, took me another few minutes to realize that I’ll probably get 1 view if I’m lucky!

Life – Why you be so cruel?!

Its been whocareshowmany months since we’ve been advocating this blog’s greatness and our ‘friends’ have been humoring us…..

And in turn they are becoming great ‘cos they think they’re doing noble deeds!

Urrrrrrgh! Seems like EVERYONE but me is becoming great all of a sudden -_-


This, is what the quote above should have been 😛


A very dejected

– Random1 



P.S ~ Should you feel the need to do a noble act and be great, kindly read our blog 😉

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

Beautiful is an adjective used to describe things as possessing beauty.    – Wikipedia

What is beauty? Do you call a person with the most perfect skin, eyes, body beautiful? (Oh sorry, the word that most people use today is HOT. Now, seriously if you find a person even remotely attractive, why in the name of God would you compare him/her to a state of temperature?) If so, Why?

In this post, I am going to attack various social misconceptions about beauty.

Victim 1: Make – Up (Apparently synonymous with perfect skin)

In my eye, anything natural, real and not caked in consecutive layers of Lancôme Génifique Cream Serum, L’Oréal Revitalift Cream and Clarins HydraQuench Day Cream is Beautiful. I do agree that make up these days may have become a little necessary. And my necessary Make-Up, I mean powder and a spot of concealer for emergencies. And I absolutely do NOT believe in investing in a host of different products which do nothing for your skin but the exact opposite of what they claim to do, that is ravage your skin in the worst way possible.

While Clarins’ HydraQuench may possibly leave your skin moisturized, nothing can beat a good old bottle of water. Would you rather pay 31$ for a skin cream or 1$ or less for a bottle of water?

I’m all for looking good, but I prefer looking like good ‘ol me rather than using one of those products.

Victim 2: Thin, Long Legs & Thin,Tiny Waist & Thin Everything & Size 0 everything (Apparently synonymous with perfect body)

You DO NOT need to be thin or have a Size 0 body to be considered pretty.

I repeat: You DO NOT need to be thin or have a Size 0 body to be considered pretty.


P.S.: No one I know has a Size 0 figure and Everyone I know is beautiful

Anything can be pretty, but it only will when you think it is.

I’ll end this post with a great thought by Mr. Jim Henson:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” 

Every day I’m Mangoin’ (Sing that along the line of Every day I’m Shufflin’ 😛 ;D)

Keep on Mangoin’ my Beautiful Mangoes!