A letter to C.

Dear C,

So today was the last day of school, and I expected myself to feel an enormous amount of relief. And very much contrary to that, I felt sad, annoyed, pissed and mostly everything negative.

You will definetly think I am mad, feeling like that on the eve of the summer holidays, but that’s okay, even I think I am crazy.

The reason for these mega stupid feelings is an incident that made me realize how much my friends and I have changed over the years. Gone are the days when we used to be super excited because we were going out to watch a movie or have ice-cream. The feelings are bordering more on wariness and tension rather than excitement. It feels weird to realize that we hadn’t had a fun, secret-free conversation which did not include Meeting up secretly with people. I am definetly not the girl I once used to be and I regret that. I mourn the loss of fun, innocent childhood.

You see everyone around you, doing things which were once labelled so wrong, but now are so common, that a thought sometimes creeps into you that would it be so bad to do the same. I don’t know about you but that thought has crept into my mind more than once. But then I realize, what would be the difference between them and you?

Nowadays all you see is that people are same everywhere. Like exact carbon copies of each other. When was the last time you saw a girl without make up in her face and without a guy on her arm? More that anything, its Stupid that people you like so much don’t listen to you, don’t pay heed to what you have to say. Thats when I realize that even if sticking to the person you are and have been, is hard, you have to do it.

And why, you ask?

Because people hardly do it anymore.


P.S. I don’t think you have any clue what this article was REALLY about, but you had been warned by the title 🙂

On Weekends :D

The Weekend is FINALLY here!!! WOOHOO!! Only a week left for Vacations to start!

Overload of Exclamations, I know , but I just can’t contain my happiness! I already jumped right into the holiday mode and woke up at 12 pm today, so instead of saying ‘Good Morning’, my dad had to say ‘Good Afternoon’ 😛

I saw a couple of movie, and read some books already, prepping up for my Holiday Routine.

I saw Finding Neverland, and it was a lovely movie. I din’t see such a good movie in long, long while. I also re-read Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. GO READ IT NOW!!

Since I already brought up Son of Neptune, I might as well show you guys the cover for the next book in line, Mark of Athena:

AWESOME COVER!! NEED TO DISCUSS!!!! Who do you think are the guys on the pegasi? Reply in Comments! 😀


You can, strike that, WILL read the first chapter at:


I am a avid hater of The Twilight Saga and everything it entails, but for all you twilight fanatics out there, here’s the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer x_x :


Die, Cullen, Die. x_x

I also started reading classics, and to give my self a start-up, I sarted with something I could actually understand, A Christmas Carol. What other classics do you guys think will intrest a lunatic like me? XP

Sound Off in the comments!

Have a Great weekend!

And oh, we’re giving you a chance to feature your lame jokes here on our site, so get mango-ing! 😛

– Mango2 😀

Hungry for the Hunger Games

I Just finished the entire Hunger Games Book series and i felt compelled to appreciate the book. I dont know what to say about the books….they don’t have the normal feel of any book I read ever in my life. I dont think that ANY book can be comparable, not because its extraordinarily good, but because it places itself in a whole new category. It captures a sense of truth which seriously, astonished me. Katniss, in the last book of the series, is so troubled mentally, so disturbed, that it is without a doubt, scary. Most people  associate the word “scary” with ghosts, ghouls and alike but this word is particularly  applicable to Katniss’s mental state.

To beleive That a single person can go through so much, and still maintain a level of sanity, seriously stumps me. I tend to delve into my books, get into the world, feel what they are feeling, and trying to imagine Katniss, it’s hard. And that’s an understatement.

But all of that aside, The series is a refreshing break from whats on the market these days……Look out for the books, you’ll not be disappointed.

And the following picture, describes my life. It explains my life in great detail if you replace Hunger Games with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Inheritance Cycle.

And what did the apple say to the orange?

Nothing! Apples can’t talk! 😛

But Mangoes do.

So what did the Mango say to the Orange?


Keep Mangoing! 😀




Top 5 Reasons For Writing a Blog – An Improvised Sequel to Mango 2

This isn’t related to my topic, but an answer to those who do NOT understand why we are called random ‘Mangoes’ if our photos have ORANGES in them 😛 

But they are funny, so we are excused 😛 xD

So my reasons for writing this blog are pretty much ordinary reasons, any girl next door could relate to starting a blog and writing as frequently as they can (which is not so much! 😛 ) and about extremely random stuff that most people find lame! With a capital L. But it’s pretty normal, isn’t it? 

So just like any other supper boring exam answer, the reasons I lovee writing this blog are given below :

#1 – Mango2 will suck my blood like a vampire from Twilight if I don’t write!

#2 – If I hone my writing skills now, only then will I go on to become some super famous journalist or author!

#3 – It’s an anonymous outlet for me to vent out my awesome lameness, since nobody can throw tomatoes (or mangoes, for that matter!) at me here!

#4 – I guess if you bother leaving a comment after you’re done reading this we can share a lot of cool stuff!

#5 – I’m bored sometimes 😛

Well the last line shouldn’t apply now, since my exams are on but it does, so yea! 😛 I guess I should go study now if I at least want to get some marks! Is that your condition as well? Study well in 10th they said……11th will be fun they said.



Listingly overworked

Random 1 ! ^_^ ❤

On Being A Potterhead….

I was just looking through my bookshelf, and i found this very old, battered-to-the-point-of-death copy of Chamber of Secrets and was hit by a sudden wave of nostalgia (I LOVE saying that word, it has a nice ring to it). It’s missing a few pages, its spine is broken, pages are yellowing, but i still love it more than anything.

A lot of you non-potterheads wont understand this, but Harry Potter has something to it. Its more that a book, its like an entire childhood encompassed in just seven books, not Harry’s childhood, nor Ron’s or Hermione’s. Its our childhood. The childhood of those millions of people who grew up reading about a boy. And his friends. And the guy who murdered his parents. And the countless people we met in this fantastical journey of a story. It did more than just provide us with a pastime. It inspired us. It made us dream each and every night of Hogwarts. It made us weep for Dobby, for Fred, for Sirius, for Hedwig, and for Dumbledore. It made us realise that the most eccentric people can make the best of friends (courtesy Luna). It made us realise that friendship, family and love matter above anything else. And that no matter what, good will triumph over evil. That love never fades. And that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home.

Once a potter head, always a potter head.

After all this time?

Always. :’)


5 Reasons why I write on this blog……

Hello Mangoes!

Random1 and me were just having a chat over the phone, and we decided to write something on why we are writing this blog. It was supposed to be sort of a together thing, but ‘someone’ was just too busy to call. Yes Random1, I am talking to you, Not the guy behind you, but YOU!

Since that couldn’t work out and I couldn’t wait to share this with you guys, Here are my top 5 reasons as to why I write on this blog:

1) I am absolutely jobless

2) People thinking I’m lame and random just about makes my day, and this blog is fantastic for that. I know what you guys are thinking 😉

3) I am sick of visiting facebook, google+ and Harry Potter fansites, so I come and work on my Baby Blog (That’s an alliteration! I love alliterations!)

4) I like to write. I am completely aware of the fact that my writing is beyond bad, but I just like doing it 🙂


Random1 will be uploading her 5 reasons soon, so stay glued to your computers (Or phones or tablets or any of those endless devices typical teenagers (another alliteration!) use these days)!

So, to end this post in a very Random1-esque style ;),

What are your Top 5 reasons for reading this blog?

– Mango 2 🙂



On Trollfaces and the Bigheadedness of Random1

So I was strolling through Facebook – AGAIN – and I found truckloads of trollfaces everywhere. But, I have to admit that they are absolutely mango-larious (No, I am not about to get over my mongo obsession anytime soon. So don’t get your hopes up. Mango-larious, by the way, is the mango lingo for hilarious.). Here’s one that cracked me up so bad, that I broke!:

Its kind of true too.

Now, coming to the Bigheadedness of Random1, I was just talking to Shim (Its sort of an abbreviation for She/Him/Her/He, so you guys have absolutely no idea who we are…*evil laugh*), and shim said:

Boo Yah, I Got more views when I posted on this blog! TAAF!

And I said:

FAAT. ( Reverse of Taaf, I learned this trick from a friend of mine>)

And her previous post was really lame, but i did thank her tremendously for giving me my own category, so i can lounge freely there…..

Have a Cozy Caturday!

( As an explanation for the above picture, I am beginning to get obsessed with cats too! I know, I’m Crazy!)

– Mango2

P.S: Did You know, that the oranges have allied with the apples?! o_0

A Love Letter…

Firstly, my humble apologies for my absence this week but as far as I see it – the loss was mutual ;P

But how in the world am I supposed to juggle a boyfriend, soo many best friends, activities and homework?! Plus we are learning how to write letters in English, and I presume my teacher believes we will use ‘the time machine’ to go back and actually USE any of this! My weekends are about as busy as the weekdays are, with the only difference being that the former gives us more sleeping liberty 😛 

Yes, I know…you were busy too! But you checked our blog anyways. So thank you ❤ 😉

So coming to the subject of this article – Love ❤ Ooooooooh lets get all dreamy now…

I am NOT going to offer any sort of love advice here, nor discuss any lovey-dovey books or movies – but offer my point of view on a very common teenage problem – When the hell do we know its love?!

But my question is – How can you possibly fall in love with someone you BARELY even know?! Yea of course, you’ve been chatting with ‘the one’ since a few months, you may have met ’em once or twice, you speak a lot and voila – its love?! How can you even decide by talking to one in a crowd of a million that he/she is ‘the one’? 

There’s just one advantage for your real ‘the one’, he/she can sit and read our blogs and curse you! 😛

Even if it is ‘true love’, how does it keep happening again and again? And again. And again. Either the first one was a time pass or the second will be! Its like that over exaggerated Durjoy Datta’s book ‘Of course I love you…..TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER’ The worst part is how you already sit and fantasize and design your whole future..most of the time to find it shattered! 

Its getting pathetic with each passing day, and now there are 4 sorts of people :

1) Those in a REAL relationship

2) Those in it for popularity, fame, tp or simply because they think it’s real?

3) Those who were earlier in the second category and now moved to the first one

4) Those whose lives are pretty much like Mango2 and don’t care about anything save being lame! 😛

If this continues to be the condition, then I’m preeetty sure that our children are going to legalize two timing in the books of morality!

But who am I to speak? For all you know, I maybe one of you…. 😉

So the question here is – Who are you?

Until next time, Au revoir my blogmates ^_^

Keep falling in love ❤ 

~ Random1 😀 

Angels and Demons — A Book Review

Hello Mangoes!

I know this is probably very late, BUT, to my defense, I’ve had a super-busy week but it was awesomely fun tooo. I am just so glad that the weekend has FINALLY (emphasis on the finally) Started. Without further ado, here’s the book review that I promised:

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons is basically a mystery – thriller novel. All the elements that readers generally associate with mystery thrillers are incorporated in the book albeit with a twist. The plot follows Harvard Professor Robert Langdon in a race against time, trying to stop an ancient brotherhood from destroying one of the world’s largest religious institutions, The Vatican City. The villain also threatens to kill four important cardinals in the process. The story follows a treasure hunt pattern with its 24-hour time frame and its famous setting, The Vatican City. The book is heavily dependent on the setting, using many of its famous churches and landmarks as a trail which Langdon and Vittoria have to follow in order to find the villain (or in this case, the assassin). The incorporation of several elements like architecture and symbolism in the book add to the interest and originality of the plot. The story also depicts the ongoing war between religion and science. The plot is fast-paced, exciting and definitely a page-turner, which is presumably what the author wished to achieve. What the author failed to achieve, in my opinion, is present his arguments on the technology and the conflict between religion and science in a suitable manner, thereby leaving the reader quite confused as to which side he was supporting all along. Some may argue that he has depicted both sides of the coin, but in my opinion, the conclusion on the arguments is quite vague and would have been better if he just picked one side. All in all, though the conclusion may not satisfy all the readers, it is an exceptionally good read and it is very hard to put the book down once you’re on to it. I would recommend this book to all those who love books filled with mystery and action.

Now You review my book review.

Hope you liked it!!

Have a Mango-licious Weekend!

– Mango2

Annoying Abbreviations and The Rise and The Fall of The Apple Empire

So I was just strolling around Facebook today and I noticed that there are a lot of abbreviations being thrown around lately. It took me at least four moths to figure out that jk meant Just Kidding!

At First i seriously thought that jk was a reference to the witty, amazing, mango – loving, best – selling author, JK Rowling.

OK, I admit that I really don’t know if JK Rowling is a mango lover. But all nice people like mangoes don’t they? Unless they were allergic to mangoes and if their faces erupted into enormous pus filled boils every time they were in the vincity of any mangoes……..Now THAT would be just plain disturbing -_-

OK, Coming back to abbreviations, another one that is really annoying is the word LOL. It used in random situations. nowadays even if people find something that is even remotely laughable, their first comment would be – no surprises there! – LOL! Imean, really if you want to laugh out loud that bad, go for the auditions of the movie that’s going to be out soon — LOL. You might even get to act alongside Ashley Green and Miley Cyrus.

You can watch the trailer for that movie right here:

Speaking of LOLing, here’s a picture that is totally LOLable (pun intended):

Did you know that Apples are the sworn enemies of mangoes?

So your mission is:

To obliterate all apples from this earth so the mangoes can expand their mighty empire and a new chapter will be inserted into your History Textbook:

“The Rise and Fall of The Apple Empire and The Consequent Rise of The Mango Empire”.

I know, I know, The lameness is becoming unbearable, so you’ll just have to bear with us.

Happy Mangoing!

– Mango 2

P.S: Check Back in a Few days for my first book review! Wanna know the name of the book? Here’s A Hint: Anti-Matter.

Don’t worry, its not a geeky, science book. ;P Keep Guessing  😀