The Life and Times of A Clustered ‘Vacation’

7 a.m waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go downstairs

Gotta have my bowl gotta have cereal


The list goes on and on and after an exhausting couple of months, at long last! –


Its Summer Vacation, Vacaation,

We’re gonna have a blast now!

Everybody’s looking forward to free time, and ME time!


I know, I’ll make a VERY bad composer, but that’s basically the idea I had in mind when I got away from the hustle of Dubai and was surrounded by the familiar and loving faces of my relatives…Aah, its going to be all pampering and Oh!  look how think you’ve become and basically luxury for the next 2 months I’m here!

This, is the life. 🙂

I was very rudely awakened out of my dream though, when the very next morning I realized that with 11 people cramped together in a 1 bedroom house, how are we supposed to find any peace?! The place basically turns into a war zone every hour or two with somebody arguing about having birthrights to use the loo first, or ready to kill over the last cupcake and GET OUT before I shoot you down for the remote! Missing pants, exchange of ‘personal’ stuff (which is the most embarrassing part!), you begin to wonder if there used to be something known as ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’ in this world… Privacy? We were in a serious relationship, then he got ignored and exploited so much that he left me…

But then again, you can’t exactly be overly rude – or else

family reunion jokes


My dream vacation, all literally crushed and pushed down the drain….

But when you come to think of it, these vacations are usually the highlights of the year. I’m not going to get all sentimental now, but at the end of the day when everybody is exhausted from all the tantrums and hair pulling (And I mean that literally), what it all boils down to is the laughter on a silly joke, someone’s leg pulled, the desperate try to give equal shares to everyone and the fact that we find comfort in each others company 🙂

Somewhere in all these years I’ve learnt that in our day to day life, more often then not we don’t have a second to give someone whom we may want to give an eternity. So even if it involves a little noise and petty arguments, I’m going to cherish and miss every moment spent here with all of my family!

It definitely isn’t my idea of a dream vacation, but its much better than anything I could have dreamed up! 🙂


A claustrophobic,

~Random1 🙂

P.S – Happy Friendship Day Guys! 🙂


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