On Ants saving Ants.

A couple of weeks back, I came to India. Naturally, it was still a massive breeding ground for every insect imaginable. An due to my inexplicable fear of all creepy-crawlies, I go on attempting murder on every tiny organism I see.

So this other day, I found an awful number of ants in my room. I decided to leave them be as they didn’t start attacking me yet. But then after they started eyeing my granola bars, I got mad. So I went and stamped one. Simply.

And a little while later, I saw a tiny ant, about ten times smaller than the one I stamped, carrying the stamped ant and taking it away. I learned two things that day:

A. That ants are very nice.

B. We should not kill ants.

That sounds expressively lame , maybe expressively so, but the ants that day expressed a sentiment that is practically non-existent in most of the humans today: sympathy.

If a human was there on the road, having just suffered an accident, every single person within a 5 km radius of that area will congregate at the scene of accident and watch. Just watch. Only one in a million will come up and step forward to help. It’s a stone throw away from cannibalism.

Kind of makes you wish you were an ant, doesn’t it?

Sympathetically yours,



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